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Holidays in Fuessen and Surroundings

Castle Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein castle was constructed between 1869-1886 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Built as a retreat, the rooms of the castle are adapted to the German Knight legends and devoted to the music of Richard Wagner. The absolute highlight is the 15m high throne hall in blue and gold which is decorated with a marvelous mosaic floor. Unfortunately for King Ludwig II, he died under suspicious circumstances before this hall was finished.
Visitors to the castle have are treated to superb views of the surrounding alpine mountains and cliffs.

Crystal thermal

Crystal Thermal Baths in Schwangau
Between the kings castles you can relax in the Wellness hall just like King Ludwig the Second.
The king selected this beautiful region in Bavaria for his castle Neuschwanstein and it is here, between the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, that these regal thermal baths were created.


Tegelberg Cable Car
As a gateway to "Ammergebirge", the biggest national monument in Bavaria, Tegelberg cable car in Schwangau offers you, along with the mountain station, an ideal sight seeing spot for "Königswinkel". The Tegelberg is a mountain area where you can enjoy nature. Different hiking paths entice you into the alps and reward you with splendid views and charming mountain chalets.

Lech Waterfall

Lech Waterfall
The Lech waterfall dates back 12000 years. It emerged after the Lech glacier started to melt. A large amount of gravel and debris remained in the valley forming the Pfronterner Lake. The water from here dropped down approximately 100m to merge with the  Füssener Lake, forming Lech waterfall. The water from the Pfrontener Lake slowly drained away after the River Lech made a way through the cliffs. The Lech waterfall is a marvelous experience for the whole family and thus a 'must see' for tourists in Allgäu.

Forggen see

The Forggensee is the 5th biggest lake in Bavaria and is less than 10 minutes walk from our City Hostel. This man-made lake was built between 1950 and 1954 by damming the Lech River. The "Speicher Roßhaupten" dam serves the surrounding population through it's production of hydro-electric power. The lake fills up in spring, as the snow from the surrounding alps melts. The lake is drained before the next spring to allow it to fill up again.

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